Tasi [‘TA'ʧI]

typical expression of the Veneto dialect From the italian “taci” – of the verb “tacére” [ta'ʧere] English translation: “ Shut Up”


We work everyday to integrate as much as possible our production with the environment that surrounds and hosts us, protecting and promoting biodiversity, the natural fertility of the soil and the natural resistance of the vines.
Our winemaking follows the same principles and aims at producing wines that are authentic and genuine expressions of our terroir and our grapes.


Wine Club

Pleasures and good things in life, like a good glass of wine, taste better when shared.
Tasi Wine Club is a community of wine lovers that, like us, are looking for high quality unique, artisanal, natural wines produced with sustainable practices.
Our members have exclusive access to limited production wines, previews, private tastings and events.


Tenuta Le Cave

Situated in the land of Amarone, Tenuta Le Cave is an evocative natural terrace overlooking the easternmost part of the Valpolicella DOC valley and the first peaks of the Lessinia Nature Park.
Hospitality in this small, scattered village, is based on relaxation, elegance and sustainability, in order to guide our guests through a journey of discovery of this beautiful land.