Our philosophy
Is it possible, nowadays, to talk about quality without considering true sustainability?
We don’t think so.
The is the cornerstone of our philosophy that guides us everyday in the everlasting challenge of producing “the best possible wine”.
So, what does quality mean to us?

Authenticity: wine has to be a true expression of the terroir and the vines
Sustainability: wine has to be a living product of an healthy and natural environment and, as such, it can’t be processed in any way that reduces it’s vitality and it’s true essence.
Artisanal: wine has to be produced with passion and paying attention to each and every detail
Unique: wine can’t follow trends but it has to be the true and free expression of a vine and the people working it.
Sharing: there must be a reason why there is more than one glass in a bottle.

Natural Farming
Following the core principles of biodynamic, we work to integrate as much as possible our vineyards in the natural environment that surrounds us.
We preserve and promote biodiversity, keeping vast areas of woods all around our vineyards, raising animals and integrating other crops.
We work to recover the natural balance and fertility of the soil through a series of techniques like biodynamic compost, sovescio and the use of microorganisms.

Vines growing in a healthier soil, rich in microorganisms and microbiological activity, are in fact able to develop a stronger and deeper roots system which is essential to absorb mineral salts present in the soil.
Through the use of microelements and herbal teas we also work to recover and enhance the natural resistance of the vines to pathogens.
All this work is focused on the final goal of having fruits that are healthier,richer in aromas and taste and truly representative of our terroir.

Natural Winemaking
The work in the winery follows the same idea and principles that guide us all year around in the vineyards.
After years of practice and research to make wines that are truly terroir driven and an authentic expression of our grapes, we are now using only native yeasts avoid filtrations and other processes that could alter the identity of the wine and add only minimal amounts of sulphites…